Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One lonely sector worth owning.

If I had to pick a sector to long right now it would be big pharma for the dividends, and small pharma with catalysts for the return.  Cash on the balance sheet and other buzzwords always fit the bill and now that los petroleos own the litigious spot light, any bad news should be kept off the front pages for a while.

There does exist one concern, though, about this baby Tylenol issue that JNJ has been facing.  Word is that that little problem could turn into a big one swiftly.  Definitely worth keeping an ear to the rails there.

Lately, the sector has seen some strength, but widespread deployment into fox holes doesn't appear to have occurred just yet.

Sidebar:  Buttercup and I shall be visiting the Emerald Isle for a couple weeks this fall.  Neither of us have been before so we'd love suggestions for places to visit, pub musts, or any other kind of "I can't believe you went there and didn't go to..." spots.  We enjoy mixing it up with the locals, as opposed to bus tours and spas, but a B&B most definitely won't be out of the question.  Please hit me on twitter or at if you have a recommendation for such quality to-do's.  Thank you kindly.