Wednesday, June 9, 2010

They don't build statues of committees.

Disclaimer:  Language filter has been flipped to the off position to enhance understanding of the level of frustration felt.  I actually care about these things very deeply and can't understand why more folks don't, as well.

They don't build statues of committees because it takes balls, leadership, pathos, and caring to get anything done.  He who conquers the committee, who gets the purest, most unmolested result, and whose result meets the need finds himself a hero.  Most of the time committees mire in tedium as each individual puts forth his idea and the rest shape it to get the most of their idea into the original.  Whether or not the final product suits the original goal matters not because each compromises their morality equally for the ego stroke to say that they got something done.  I believe the Founding Fathers used committees to make impinging on liberty purposely hard, but never fully imaged what a cluster fuck of sellouts this Country could manufacture from such hard working, hard fighting stock.  I believe that rather than passing bad legislation, they thought that quality ideas would pass through on merit while stupid, agenda-centric ideas would get hung up to rot on the vine of time.

Tactical warfare, meaningless oppression and a future of alienated nuclear ambition.  How many books must be written about warlords being on the map, with definitive patterns of terrorist activity, yet allowed to continue because they do not represent a direct threat to the United States?  In Hunting the Jackal Billy Waugh talks about spending months in an over watch position of one of Bin Ladin's training camps in Khartoum during the Clinton administration.  There existed, at the time, no political willpower to take out the threat, yet somehow that willpower got found when 10 nutjobs fell through the cracks, boosting planes and going jihad on our sovereign soil.  Now read this snip from a Washington Post article, here:
TEHRAN, Feb. 5 -- Iran ended voluntary cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency on Sunday, saying it would start uranium enrichment and bar surprise inspections of its facilities after being reported to the U.N. Security Council over fears it is trying to develop nuclear weapons.
Make that February 5, 2006.  Let it sink in.  A little more.  That's right, 4+ goddamn years ago.  What does it take for practicality to stage a return to the world?  Can it not be agreed through some direct diplomatic channels that every country shall agree to IAEA inspections in equal part just to ensure the security of all?  If there is a threat, take the threat out.  (Read between the lines.  Yes I am aware of the implications, but have also seen the movie Swordfish, and agreed with the premise.)  Otherwise, let these people proceed with securing electricity for their God forsaken corner of the world.  Who knows, if the motherfuckers put some A/C in their homes maybe the chicks would show more skin, the dudes would hammer more poon, and they'd work out their angst over a post-coital Klondike bar.  Why does it take four years of time to elapse between an event and a response?  Committees.  What is the response?  "Sanctions."  FUCK ME.

After all this time, they've been building (with French guidance) a nuclear program without IAEA inspections and now there are sanctions coming down the pipe.  Must have been a top priority over those $200 steaks on the UN expense account, of which America funds the preponderance.  In short, we pissed off a nuclear power with extremist leanings, allowed them to continue unabated for half a decade and then punished them with sanctions.  Chalk up another victory for group-think.  FUCK ME, SQUARED.

This United States needs to get its shit together, pronto.  We no longer bear the mantle of economic preeminence.  That has been passed to China.  No matter if they experience the economic boom/bust growing pains inherent with any early stage super-power, those folks have the will, population, and tools to get it done for a long, long time.  They also own enough of our debt to make World War III with paper and the people in the trending topics on Twitter wouldn't know a thing about it until their food stamps no longer bought them $30 bags of Doritos.  China hasn't been too soiled by the ways of Western Financialism (yet) which means two things:  when they do they will be a material drain of epic proportions, and, we need to start kissing their ass, or at least try being a friend-of-a-friend with them before they realize what a huge staff of power they wield.  The early spring Carbon Emissions summit already indicates to me that they are becoming aware of their stead in this world, a dangerous position for the United States to find itself in unprepared, arrogant, and pushy.

New globalism means that clique politics must be shelved in order for harmony to reign.  Shove idiocy up the asses of the committees and do something ... or do nothing.  If the former it better be timely, functional, practical, favorable, and useful.  (As an exercise, consider those tenets against Obama's decision to shut in all GOM wells, fail to reach out for experienced advice, and pile onto the BP bashing bandwagon after they had already indicated that they would take "full responsibility" for the ramifications of the spill.  More on this in a future post.)  If the latter, thoroughly emasculate the United States government, the UN, the IAEA ... everyone, as the useless money waste that they are, and let the people return to honest living through hard work.

Good evening.