Monday, June 28, 2010

The Theory of Modularity

Fractals.  The Golden Ratio.  Fibonacci Sequences.  Phi.  Each a mathematical trick composed on paper, each found in nature.

The Theory of Modularity.  After enough time and case evidence there came a point around 2004 where I realized that every experience, every idea, everything tangible and imagined exists as a module of something greater.  Also, similar modules can be interchanged, copied, and resized.  Like a scrap of paper torn from a sheet, that came from a ream, shipped in a box, and composed of pulp, formulated by atoms, built of yet smaller particles, all that exists can be contemplated as parts of a system boundless by size, yet universally applicable.

Never waste a thought.  It will be useful, though the application may not be understood today.

For your consideration:  Every Black Hole Contains a Universe?