Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bad, Bad Idea: Making Enemies of Friends

As previously discussed here, here, here, and here, disenfranchising allies, whether long-standing or potential, for local political aspiration stinks of desperation, lack of fortitude, and ultimately, questionable confidence in the ability to judge between right and wrong.  President Obama and his band of gypsies, particularly the tax-allergic Timothy Geithner, have set a course of alienating virtually every major trading partner from China to Britain to Germany and even sovereigns with whom we don't trade, but need for stability, a la Iran.

Zerohedge opined from a Bloomberg article that I missed about Merkel openly mocking America's Keynesian policies here.  All of this perception matters a great deal, and the pick up in news coverage serves as our harbinger that the situation should come to a head in a nearer time frame than widely thought.  If the enemy of my enemy is my friend, then my friends who became enemies are causally aligned, and in this case potentially numerous and definitely powerful.  Bad news when the parties in question are diverse, organized, and possess that which is needed.

I posited over the weekend that:

Perhaps China will not act alone in denying the dollar, but with a precision and coordination of other powers.  I remain an inflationista, and combat that notion with guns, ammo, and remote, arable land.  Sovereign gold would be the only way to stave off a combined attack on the USD.