Friday, June 4, 2010

Notes to El Presidente (2)

Here we are again, getting all grumpy and hot under the collar, and then writing to the White House. Who even knows if anyone over there reads these things, but President Obama put the website up and so I write. If you want to write to President Obama, and I encourage you to do so, click here.

Tonight's letter as follows:
President Obama -
If Greece and California aren't education enough, then perhaps your advisors are not advising you properly about how labor unions are ruining this country.
As you know being president means making untenable decisions.
I resent your policy of going to China, and particularly of letting partisanship become involved in threatening the new economic world leader, and indeed, our sole source financier (Treasury excepted) with "currency manipulator" prior to making tough decisions at home.
It is past time to call labor onto the carpet and let the free market determine what fair wages are.
It is not the government's job to retire people who worked 9-5 at 55 years old with life long pensions.
Neither is it a corporate responsibility to do the same. With the today's job report, Greece, CalPERS, the auto industry and so many other examples of how the extortionist policies of labor have injured their parent companies and economies why is it that you continue to pretend like nothing is wrong?
The Lord helps those who help themselves. Let not the government act in ways that individuals should not, namely, going overseas acting tough before fixing the problems at home.
To let partisanship stand in the way of conversation and change relegates you, as others before you, to being a marionette for the money that supported your campaign.
Have a good weekend.