Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Corporate Webites: Spend the Money

Let it be said right now that any company whose website looks like shit, doesn't work properly, or is out of date makes me grumpy.  How can you justify a hundred million plus dollar market cap and not spend five grand on a slick website?

A company's website is its primary marketing tool.  It does not sleep, it never bitches about its wife, and you always know what it's going to say to your prospective clients and equity partners.  Would you want some fat schlub in your employ going into a board room unprepared, unshaven, and with busted shoes?  If you wouldn't have that circumstance talking your shop then understand that your corporate website will normally be the first "face" people look at when beginning to explore a potential relationship.

To any apologists who say that it's more important to perform than to pay attention to something as simple as a website I salute you ... most of the time right after summarily executing the idea of investing in the company.

Minimum Requiements:
  • Surfable, normally with tabs or an index pane;
  • Description of how you make money;
  • Corporate Structure, diagrams are ideal;
  • Share/Debt Structure,
    • Authorized, outstanding, preferreds,
    • Maturities, quick debrief of terms (esp. if convertible);
  • Thorough descriptions of principals and board members;
  • Name of IR point of contact;
  • Full index of past PR's;
  • Link (minimum) to SEC website for filings, Index preferred.
It's hard enough to find and maintain interest in speculative stocks.  Why waste opportunity, or worse yet, sully your image without uttering a word?