Monday, June 21, 2010

Bearish Blog Post

Sentiment is running high, stupid shit like cruise lines and Florida regional banks are running on the supposed yuan news, and we are nigh to right shoulder resistance levels around 10600-10650 as called here.

I am looking for blowoff action in piggish stocks like the ones mentioned above (debt, industry news, deteriorating consumer credit), and today could well have been that action, but honestly, I don't think today's the day.  Tighten stops in this area and batten the hatches for the start of a pre-pre-season football shakedown which I feel could bring selling back into the recent 9800 level over the next few months.  Do not expect the take down to be as powerful as the recent counter-trend up move because institutional sellers will be looking to induce max pain in the dip buyers.

STI is a new recipient of my ire, and RCL remains a soft target, in my view.