Saturday, June 5, 2010

Chris Christie on NJ school unions.

When the main-stream media catches on to what Governor Christie is doing, every union, from sea to shining sea, within government and without, shall recognize that their (lack of) results have spoken, and that their money can no longer buy aloofness from politicians whose practicality is for sale in increments the length of each elected term.

What a great day for America!

Please watch the video with a mind for:
  • the CalPERS retirement endowment from the State of California;
  • the spread between public and private sector employment wages and benefits;
  • the Dreamliner plant being moved to South Carolina from Washington;
  • the success of Toyota at manufacturing in America;
  • begging China to lift the currency peg;
  • the GM pension scandal;
  • Grecian protests.
Yes.  The movement is alive.  Thank you, Chris Christie, for reminding us that pragmatism is not dead in the United States.  If we can crush unions, if only for their monopolistic, extortionist, politically corrupt, and morally bankrupt ways, then perhaps there still exists hope that we can return to a more stable economy.  Not until parity exists in the work pool can wage disinflation occur, and at such point the clamor to expatriate jobs may be stemmed long enough to return the economy to its historical roots as producers, inventors, farmers, and capitalists.  Hope is alive.