Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Updates on Inflation and the Feudal Divide

On April 23 I posited the cost of basics would lead the wave of inflation simply because basics are a daily need that cannot be excepted, like Ed Hardy tshirts.  See earlier post, in full, here.  Applicable excerpts below:
The middle class's margins are to be squeezed until raises are effected, which may not happen for a while due to the unemployment levels.  Recognizing the implied demand for basics the price of basics will continue to increase.
Drunk with profits, shareholders are quick to forgive the banks and forsake the humble in a hell where retirement probably seems like a dream.  Without hope this group will be driven to government entitlement programs, where easy government money again jams the costs of basics.
Today zerohedge posted an update on the swelling ranks relying on the government's largesse in the form of food stamps SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, because "food stamps" stigmatizes the bearer).  Zerohedge article located here.

Now that the government, not the worker, accounts for 12.5% of all food purchasing there is an opportunity for prices to be pushed, eventually resulting in increasing the food stamp payments.

Look, it is important to me, as a human, to care about my fellow man.  I want them to have opportunities to do what I have done.  I also want them to stop relying on the government for their necessities one day.  The sad fact is that there exists a structure that rapidly disincentivizes the effort to leave these programs as diffusion of responsibility and sentiments of "I was put here because of the bankers" start to run amok.

Yesterday an article was tweeted (which I foolishly did not copy) indicating that Detroit landscapers were having trouble filling needs because applicants preferred to remain on Unemployment Benefits.  The Unions would have you believe that the landscapers were not paying enough.  Unfortunately, the real cause is that the government has made it too easy to collect money for doing nothing.

America's structure gets tested every day.  I am losing hope for positive outcomes as dramatic austerity measures are soon to come to bear in this country.  A growing feudal divide will make the protests in after-thought Greece, look like a sit-in.

Libertarian principles must be returned to America.  It is the only way.  Long Live Libertarianism.