Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Beginning of the End for Movie Theaters?

Look, it does no one a service to be talking in superlatives all the time, but what's the point of going to the theater anymore?

There are:
  • Logistical irritations getting there;
  • An uncertainty about the quality of the crowd (texters, talkers, foot bouncers, etc.)
  • Ridiculous pricing structure for the luxury of sitting in a filthy seat for 2 hours;
  • Continually improving televisions and projectors;
  • Streaming video rentals through dish, cable, and Netflix;
  • Competition for entertainment (video games, Ipads, fast internet, etc.).
It first struck me as odd that the leadership of Cinmark (CNK) were dumping shares in early April while the "consumer" was supposed to be improving.  Then last night, under the influence of mind-expanding martini rocks (in a tumbler ... times 3), it occurred to me that I could be placed in the "former movie-goer" category.  In fact, the thought of the going to the movies for any other reason than posterity, or perhaps just to get out of the house, crushes my will to live.

How many ways can you trick up the movie experience to keep people coming back for more?

I'm calling for a secular move in movie theaters, and like BBI and BKS, the result of the move is no bueno for steadfast longs.