Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SYNM: Time to take another look.

Today SYNM put up several flags that I like, but in addition to those, I consider the stock to be a "message board stock."  These cult followings search for and locate even the most minimal stock related and industry news.  Additionally, and favorably, for the swing trader they often over-value news in search of the huge one day gain and can't stand the idea of their precious issue dropping over time.  Momentum with these is the key.

  1. Inverse of the pattern mentioned in ZION here,
  2. a potential gravestone bottom signal,
  3. noticed this article ( ) come across the twitter stream from one of the Bulls on Wallstreet followers,
  4. increased attention in the news to the daily gyrations in crude,
  5. President Obama's indication that offshore drilling was now going to happen.
Daily chart here: