Thursday, August 5, 2010

Good Morrow, Dudes

I hate going more than two days without blogging, on the other hand, dude doesn't really feel like writing too much at present.  Here's what's on my brain rapid-fire style:
  • VMW/CTXS - look for VMW to start closing the PE gap;
  • If there is a September swoon regional banks like ZION and STI are at the top of my list;
  • I don't feel like I've seen any good selling over the last two days, I think quite a bit of hope lies in tomorrow's employment status for continued melt up;
  • Remember that the unemployment number is a window between employment and serially unemployed;
  • I cannot bring myself to leave money in the market over night right now, mostly because as a middle American I don't believe the numbers I am seeing, if right there's a big time correction coming;
  • GOOG is far from correctly priced, 800 bucks is the beginning of reasonable;
  • BIDU is a piece of shit and a momo pig, the air will exit that scam much quicker than the effort taken to blow it up.
I think that's it.  Good luck tomorrow.