Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Freeform Ruminations

  • Eat. Pray. Love. See. Bridge. Jump.
  • For a dude not quite out of his 20's I have prematurely developed a rather visceral distaste for shit head kids and their jerk off parents, particularly related to mall behavior.
  • Tricked up movie screens are really just over-sized projections meaning the people in the front, not the back get screwed, and the theater can cram more talkers, texters, candy grubbers, and smelly, fat fucks into the stadium.
  • Tricked up movie sound (a la THX, etc.) basically amount to turning the volume up seven notches above the normal pain threshold, and then breaking the knob off.
  • Neither are worth the money.
  • The United States government, can be likened to HFT.  Both desire to keep money changing hands at all costs.
  • Our economic model, which I call Western Financialism, can be likened to the life cycle of a sun-like star, and depending on what happens over the next few years, maybe even a blue star (think supernova and black hole).
  • I think EMC is taking a big gamble continuing to load up on VMW stock at these levels.  For sure VMW is throwing off the cash, and in a good segment, but they're not without competition and the valuations are up there in this still uncertain market.  (see past blog post:  Green Lining)  One wonders what kind of deal the two would strike.  Right now, I tell myself that EMC's board is rolling out bid support to back up their 2.4 billion dollar position since company insiders at VMW are selling while EMC is buying.  Alternatively, there could be a cash and stock deal in the cards, which wouldn't be surprising, but would be better launched from lower prices.  Maybe even a new joint product.  I don't know, but VMW's chart remains weak even if I don't hold my short positions over night in this goofy market environment.
  • When it's late and sleep isn't coming easy, I throw a Benadryl or two down the hatch.  While waiting for that righteous drowsiness to set in, dude will often browse through wikipedia, the greatest of all websites, or urbandictionary, the latter to stay ... relevant.
  • BIDU is still a bomb composed of opaque quarterly reporting, huge tail risks, stretched valuation, increasing competition, and coming soon, a bad chart.  I am looking for new 52 week highs in order to start shorting against momo chasers.
  • I am not sure why folks don't care for Zerohedge.  I love Zerohedge.  I love everyone's opinions, most especially the free ones.  Zerohedge does more to encourage questioning (which is the well spring for knowledge) than just about any other market site out there.  The tone, user comments, and checkered history of cribbing others' work notwithstanding, Zerohedge is a must on any market participant's blogroll, in my view.
  • I expect the DJIA in the 4 digits again within the next two months.
  • I am tired of hearing Pimco's opinions on everything.  If the government wants money spent to support the economy, one questions taking advice from a firm that manages over 1 trillion dollars ... of savings.
  • Having read about this guy Druckenmiller's surprise retirement, link here, I have to wonder what took so long?  Dude, I love this job, and I like the money, but it wouldn't take me becoming a millionaire 70 times over, much less 2600 times over in order to decide to hang it up.
  • MON is a short.
Good luck tomorrow.