Monday, November 12, 2012

Notes to The President (4)

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President Obama -
Congratulations on your second term, I voted for you in this election.
I did so not necessarily because I agree with your policies, but because I am one of an increasingly large contingent of libertarians stuck in the middle of the country that simply wish to be less affected by the government and "the economy."  One needn't look any further than the marijuana reform movement to identify the real voting trend in this country, and it's practical, not progressive.  Try to bear that in mind when negotiating this great Fiscal Cliff contrivance.
How bush league was it for Paul Ryan to back off his pro-choice by individual liberty mandate in the middle of the election?  Were it not for a partisan conservative (Romney headlining the ticket)  you'd probably be cleaning out your desk this month.  Paul Ryan is not a polarizing figure, though his tea-party backers certainly can be.  If he had headlined, and thus remained principled, he would have won the middle.  It is imperative that you not widen the chasm between producers and takers in the country by raising taxes solely in order to create a drop in the bucket toward our debt balance.  Get a tax reform plan done in the next 4 years.  It's all a marketing trick anyway.  Figure out a way to make it simple, sustainable, and reasonable, then do it.  For the individual, it doesn't need to be income focused, but tailored in a way that everyone should be participating in the country.
Rather than let billionaires shake down the rest of the country with steep market index sell offs to garner fear and test the quality of our economy hold their tax sheltering accountable.  They are, after all, the greatest beneficiaries of the swelling debt balance under your administration. 
Charge Geithner and Bernake with getting a good measure of this offsetting debt written off both in the EU and at home.
Finally, a significant contributor to the decline of employment in America can be attributed to technological advancement rendering the human touch obsolete, however we cannot squelch the hunger instinct that drives human ingenuity.  Please strongly consider the implications of a populace that, like Greece, Spain or Italy, relies on government transfers to support more than half of the country.  Please stop giving entitlements to  people that do nothing.  THAT is the most painful specter to economically engaged individuals who have to drop their kids off at day care every morning.  If we need to spend another trillion building a railway to the moon, do it, but make sure that it is human labor intensive. 
Good luck to us all.