Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Staying on top of the Inbox.

$80 Billion 'Gas Price' Tax on Consumption by zerohedge
Why I do not like Small Caps much at the moment by John Hempton (@John_Hempton) via brontecapital
Nullification:  A Jury's 'Secret' Power by Erik R. Guenther via State Bar of Wisconsin

Berkshire 2011 Shareholder Letter by Warren Buffett
How to be Successful by Mike Bellafiore via smbcapital
Leaked Memo Blows Lid off Greek Bailout by Joe Weisenthal via businessinsider

F5 Acquires Traffix by yahoo
A Tale of Two Depressions by Barry Eichengreen and Kevin O'Rourke via voxeu
So What if Apple has a Chinese Labor Problem by Jordan Terry (@The_Analyst) via forbes

Characteristics of a Boom Boom Stock by Kunal Desai (@kunal00) via bullsonwallstreet
Trend Following Advice from John W. Henry by Michael Covel
How We Roll by gtotoy

What is the Method to your Madness by James Altucher (@jaltucher)
Tomorrow's Market Probably Won't Look Anything Like Today by Carl Richards
Deconstructing a Trade:  Picking up the Clues by Brian Lund