Sunday, September 18, 2011

How traffic works.

I have been developing a Communist Driving Theory as a coping mechanism for the angst of my window time.  It's easy to excuse most of the rest of society for not understanding how traffic works - they do, after all, spend most of their time dialing into radio stations for free lawn tickets at the next Bieber show instead of guarding their own lives.

Do you want to see how traffic efficiency can  be decreased by 17% using shapes?  Fasten up.

Figure 1 - In a constant space 6 cars can travel a constant speed.

Figure 2 - Changing lanes decreases surface efficiency by 17%, trailing cars must decrease speed to create space.

Perpetual lane changers exacerbate the decline in traffic efficiency as constant speed, and space optimization can never successfully occur.  Worse yet, as they proceed ahead the results compound.  To ye I say:  Please stop being a dick.