Thursday, July 28, 2011

Does anyone peel their Oranges anymore?

I bought some Shiner Heffeweizen this afternoon and a fine looking specimen for the obligatory lemon.  After halving said citrus I observed the kind of thick white skin that gets in the way of getting any lemon into the bottleneck, and it tastes bitter, anyway.  So I'm standing over the sink kind of glancing out into the backyard and thinking about all this wacky shit going on in Washington DC while half going through the motions like I'm going to peel this fruit and you know what ... my mind flips like a movie effect, boom! [80's kitchen], into this memory of my dad and I competing to see who could peel the cleanest orange slices.  And the other guy would have to approve the other guy's slice if there were peel bits tangentially stuck to the outside or something that was ridiculously hard to remove without high risk of exploding the slice.

I sure hope my son has some good memories like that.