Monday, June 27, 2011

On Job Creation

For the jobs situation in America everyone has a grand idea:  payroll tax cuts, SBA lending programs (cause sub-prime mortgages worked so well), tax credits, bridge loan subsidy through unemployment insurance.  What makes people work?  Survival.  What is the enemy to survivalist instinct?  Food.  One needn't take a sledgehammer to the specter of unemployment in this country.  Indeed, by summarily excising subsidy and redeploying that money to people who do something useful means the creation of jobs.  Picking up roadside trash, sweeping the sidewalks, washing windows, who cares?  It is the back breaking monotony of the Collective that inspires innovation and change.

I accept that it's tough to make untenable decisions from the public altar, but for the love of garlic toast, if something ain't working, stop fucking doing it.