Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Macro Speculations

The cloud computing model of carrying an interface device without installed software should be a nice boon for software developers like MSFT because on-line licensing is more difficult to pirate and easier to track than traditional methods (CD's).

Uncommon times call for uncommon solutions.  I still like high speed rail and other infrastructure spend, and you know I want a modern WPA, therefore huge contractors like Granite and Sterling should get another look.

I also like natural gas.  Modern methods and large local resources point to a plentiful supply.  I think that the inflationary pressures in commodities cannot be assuaged because in addition to the monetary policy and unemployment bed we now find ourselves in, the developing world is beginning to fully embrace Western Financialism, and that exogenous demand affects input costs.  All these batteries and biofuels are wonderful, but they aren't scalable yet.  Natural gas is the bridge, and I think it's about time to pick a new secular bottom.