Monday, January 17, 2011

Looking for Worms

I'll be excited to have a gander at AAPL's report this week since the momo and institutional self-reinforcement clubs are already drawing their dip buy strategies in proprietary sandboxes.

Such things I wonder about are:
  • AppleTV adoption;
  • Increasing material cost inputs;
  • Increasing labor cost inputs;
  • Margins due to rising inputs;
  • Asset turnover due to what I feel are signs of price rejection;
  • Declining turnover in upgrading from one Iproduct to the next;
  • Management discussion of the impact to business by net-neutrality, data costs;
  • Management discussion of the impact of competition in the market.
In poker, suckers like to take shots at the big dog.  Testing one's mettle typically leads to the obvious result, and I recently got stopped out of an Apple short for -2.5%.  While everyone else enjoys the rear-view's panorama, this sucker will be scanning the horizon ahead.

postscript.  Seeing Mr. Jobs take some time for health reasons should have the first effect of inspiring hope that he's alright.  Stocks are a game and people are people.  Here's wishing against reason that the clowns who value their lives in commas and headlines demonstrate a bit of care when gaining access to company this week.