Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Six Stages of [Trader] Development

While drawing on the hunting metaphor for Insider Trading:  Where's the Sport in that? I recalled the Six Stages of Hunter Development** taught in local hunter education classes.  The stages read like a Disney plot of childish excitement, greed, then personal development, and a punchline.  And perhaps human nature always follows such a path.  While some mire in the early, greedy stages most of the rest of the world is deeper than that, and it's good to be reminded so when rising to an unwritten, unspoken cause seems lonely.
  1. Shooting Stage - The priority is getting off a shot, rather than patiently waiting for a good shot.
  2. Limiting-out Stage - Success is determined by bagging the limit.  In extreme cases, this need to limit out can cause hunters to take unsafe shots.
  3. Trophy Stage - The hunter is selective and judges success by quality rather than quantity.  Typically, the focus is on big game and anything that doesn't measure up to the desired trophy is ignored.
  4. Method Stage - In this stage, the process of hunting becomes the focus.  A hunter may still want to bag a limit, but places a high priority on how it is accomplished.
  5. Sportsman Stage - Success is measured by the total experience - the appreciation of the environment, the game, the process of the hunt, and the companionship of fellow hunters.
  6. "Give-Back" Stage - Hunters are interested in introducing others to hunting and passing on the proper hunting values.  These hunters also teach others about safety and the responsibilities of hunting.
If good deeds, like cards in their frailty, are many to build a house, then it only takes one developmentally stunted jerk to screw everything up.  Those who find joy in the construction, though, shall never be disappointed.

** - the numbered list above is copyright by Kalkomey Enterprises, Inc., it is reprinted without permission, but hopefully the fact that I don't make any money from this blog, as well as the fact that I am trying to make a point for the cause of idealism will earn me a pass.