Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Election Season

If you haven't read Machiavelli's The Prince stop wasting time and get a copy.  May I be so bold as to recommend the version edited by Quentin Skinner and Russell Price and labeled on the cover as a part of the "Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought."

These guys do a beautiful job in distilling the oft misunderstood Machiavelli.  Below, please find a quote from the Introduction to the translated body, which I assume was written by the aforementioned editors.
Since our circumstances vary, while our natures remain fixed, political success is simply a matter of having the good fortune to suit the spirit of the age.
Qualifications?  Citizenship?  All taxes paid?  None of it matters.  And it has never mattered for over 500 years.

Vote wisely, Suckers.

post script.  The Tea Party are not libertarians, but they're also just as fucked up as any other political regime.