Thursday, July 22, 2010

Notes to El Presidente (0)

Found another email that I had sent to President Obama this past spring, March 8th, 2010, to be exact.
President Obama - 
While "spreading" aid in the form of government stipends and mandated earmarks for housing relief, please consider how the fiscally responsible feel. 
I grow ever more weary of my federal tax dollars going anywhere but for causes of the preservation of global democracy. 
Like pigeons, giving free aid simply for the idiot to arrive and take breeds and positively reinforces laziness. We have seen this for years in medical malpractice and workers comp suits whereby the marginally employed (abuse the system and) take the hard working to the cleaners. And again we see this with food stamps where having greater numbers of illegitimate children rewards the bearer with increasing handouts all at the cost of the common tax paying man. 
I feel like I see in you a pragmatist, though your agenda is railroaded by pandering to Wall Street and your increasingly liberal Democratic Party. 
There come times when the government must admit its fault. Now is that time. The GSE's need to exercise every contractual ability to return falsified mortgages to their original preparers and let the banks solve these problems on their own. 
If the banks feel they can sit on all of this shadow inventory and come out ahead, let them. 
Generational changes such as fiscal responsibility do not come from fringe pain, they come from deep, personal regret precipitated from personal action. 
Action > Reaction > Lesson, in that order.
Now that almost five months have passed, emergency unemployment just got extended again, FinReg is [string of expletives] over complicated, misses point, fails to act in a practical time period, and the GSE's became fully nationalized, I suppose I got my answer on whether or not he reads these emails...