Friday, April 30, 2010

Quick and Dirty Market TA for 4.30.2010

The DOW hasn't touched a lower 2 standard deviation Bollinger in almost 3 months and the 50 DMA in 8 weeks.

Still a stock pickers market, though I remain decidedly bearish on the consumer and the fall out from financial regulation, which I hope separates banks from brokerages, and in size to eliminate any concern of "too big to fail."  Also, anyone billing Medicare should start to see nice cuts until new loopholes are discovered through which to drive the bilk bus.  Finally, as the inflationista, I must maintain course and bearing with bullishness on precious metals, but especially silver, which is generally under appreciated, and well known to be highly manipulated.  I think palladium has way over shot its value as a scrubber catalyst and that is a bubble that could do some damage, I watch it for cracks all the time.

There has also been some bullish activity in nuclear stocks.  Of course SHAW got all the news because of the loan guarantee program in the new climate legislation, but USU should get nice action from the down-blending trend on top of what it has already seen which, I feel, only relates to amelioration of concern related to loan backing on their new Ohio plant.

The chart below has 4.29 closing price highlighted, followed by 50 dma and 200 dma highlighted below that.  MACD is boxed to show the beginnings of divergence.  Obviously, the heavy blue trend line is just that.

Chart below (as always, click on picture to get a higher res shot):